HealthStar House Calls

Do you have a frail or aging loved one? HealthStar House Calls can help!

Our House Calls Team can schedule appointments for patients in assisted living and independent living facilities. Our team is also available to make regular follow-up visits without the struggle of you having to leave your home.

HealthStar House Calls is a division of:

About Our Program

  • All practitioners are licensed and board certified.
  • We can be your provider, or we can collaborate with your current provider.
  • We are Medicare and Medicare Advantage providers.
  • We accept most private insurances.
  • We provide flu and pneumonia immunizations.
  • We provide lab services.
  • We provide mobile X-Ray and ultrasound services.
  • We can perform EKG’s.
  • We provide transition of care services for patients who have been discharged from the hospital or rehab.
  • We perform Wellness Exams.
  • We can send referrals to specialists, home health and durable medical equipment companies

Our Providers

Why we offer home visits to our patients:

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to get to the doctor’s office due to conditions beyond your control. This should not keep you from receiving the medical care you need and deserve. HealthStar House Calls was developed to provide better healthcare for patients in our community and to bring health care home.

We are accepting new patients!